Forestland for Sale

World Forest Investment, Inc. is currently exploring and discovering various investment opportunities. Our focus is on projects that are not widely publicized on the open market. These projects are reviewed for investment returns, sustainability, and feasibility.
In this current forestland market, flexibility and creativity are key tools in finding successful investments. This process is dynamic and fluid, and often changes.

Licensed Real Estate Brokers are required by law to inform participants of the rules regarding agency relationships. Please click on the link of your State to access this important document before investigating properties.
Oregon Disclosures
Washington Disclosures

Forestry Tracts:

  • Doan Road Timber and Land Sale: 107 acres in Columbia County, High quality Douglas Fir, 500 MBF merchandise timber, $749,500
  • SOLD Christie Tract: 170 acres forestland in Clatsop County, 3,885 MBF of commercial forestry, $1,399,000
  • SOLD East Fork Lewis River Tract: 164 acres forestland in Clackamas County, $695,000
  • SOLD Eagle Creek Tract: 55 acres in Clackamas County, 24 year old Douglas fir, $249,500
  • SOLD Walker Creek Tract: 66 acres in Clatsop County, 2988 MBF merch timber 60 MBF/acre, Sealed Bid Sale
  • SOLD Laurelwood Tract: 200 acres in Washington County, 4,000 MBF Merch Timber, Sealed Bid Sale.
  • SOLD Cherry Grove Tract: 50 acres in Washington County, 971 MBF, land and merchantable timber, very nice property for timber and land investment, Sealed Bid
  • SOLD Kokel Corner Tract: 92.22 acres in Clackamas County, 1,200+ MBF of older, nice timber, good site and location, variety of age classes, $697,250
  • SOLD Cold Springs: 116 acres in Clackamas County, 1,371 MBF merchantable timber
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