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World Forest Investment

Tunnel Tract Forestland Trade

$24,500 trade

Property available for trade only

5 acres of well-stocked forestland for trade

This parcel of productive forestland is located approximately 30 minutes from Portland. The general growing productivity (site index) is good and the property is nearly fully stocked with multiple ages of primarily Douglas fir, with small amounts of other species. There is some merchantable timber available. Topography is sloping and is conducive to ground-based harvest. The merchantable timber is approximately 31 MBF from a recent cruise (June 2013). Most of the rest of the property is reproduction between 14 and 25 years old. There is about 1/2 acre of brush and steep land on the north boundary. Most of the property has been pre-commercially thinned and pruned.

Access to the tract is over roads controlled by Longview Timber and private landowners. There is no legal access. Arrangements for a key will need to be made through Longview Timber. For logging, inspections, and forestry management, access to the unit will be to both the north and south lines where existing rock roads are nearby. Physical access to the property is over rocked, all-weather roads.

Trade value: $24,500. Property available for trade only. Preference is given to other forest or agricultural land.

Key property features:

  • Well-stocked with primarily Douglas fir
  • Ideal property for biological growth and long-term asset appreciation
  • Very little maintenance needed

  • Owner is a licensed broker in Oregon.

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